The Sabretooth Clan is the world’s largest and one of the world’s largest and best known  Family of individuals drawn to the Vampire lifestyle, with its own culture, traditions and history. Founded on Monday August 7th, 1995 by Father Sebastiaan, this collection of like-minded individuals quickly evolved its own distinct culture which has greatly influenced and inspired the worldwide Vampire Culture. All had a free forum to evolve into a common Current.  

Sabretooths, members of the Sabretooth Clan, are individuals who share the common experience of having had fangs made for them by the Founder.   Having fangs made is known as “The Rites of Transformation.” This rite of passage is about more than just being fitted with a custom pair of fangs; incorporated are mysterious elements including the “Oath,” “the Mirror,” the “Oracle,” the “Naming,” and the “Ankh.” Sabretooths hail from many diverse backgrounds, including practicing the Vampire lifestyle in many formats, vampire scholars and Black Swans who are educated on Vampire Culture but yet not yet fully identify as one. Those who truly embrace this transformative milestone are united in a uniquely tribal and Family spirit.

The first Sabretooth was Lady N, who had her fangs made on Christmas Day 1994. She is actually Father Sebastiaan’s birth mother, and became the first and only “Brood of that year. Brood is a term referring to the year a Sabretooth went through the Rites of Transformation. Since that first year, each subsequent year’s Brood have gone through the ever-evolving Transformation Rite, while getting their fangs made in places such as the FangShop in NYC, European music festivals, the Paris Catacombs, in the House of Blues courtyard in New Orleans, and many other cities around the world.