Welcome to the newly reborn domain of Sabretooth.  Since 1995 Sabretooth has created a collective of projects presented by members of the Sabretooth Clan and its founding Father Sebastiaan.  We are a family of artists, performers, entrepreneurs and creators making our dreams reality inspired by the vampire mythos and the Path of the Vampyre.

Sabretooth Clan
- Our Vampyre Clan.

Endless Night Banner
Endless Night
 – international vampire balls, salons and festivals worldwide.

Fangs by Father Sebastiaan
Fangs by Father Sebastiaan
 – custom made fangs by our founding Father.

Vampyre Books
Vampyre books series
 – books on Vampyre culture.

 – private online forum for Sabretooth members.

FangVan Banner
 – our Vampyre webseries coming summer 2014.

Vampyre Girls
Vampyre Girls
 – modeling agency and charity project…