The Legacy Ankh is the sigilium which represents Black Veils, the teachings, culture and philosophy of the Sabretooth Clan. This precious artifact is proudly worn discretely in public and openly in ceremony) by Vampires and Black Swans to symbolize their support and dedication to the Legacy.

In 1996, Master Metal Manipulator Drennan was commissioned by Father Sebastiaan to make an exclusive version of a bladed ankh to represent the Black Veils and the Legacy.  Thus was born the Legacy Ankh, the most recognized international symbol of Black Veils and the Legacy. Since there are so many imitators, the Legacy Ankh is legally copyrighted and trademarked by the Sabretooth Clan in order to protect it and to avoid any misuse of the symbol. We wish to make it clear that this particular scimitar-bladed ankh is the exclusive intellectual property of the Sabretooth Clan, and should be recognized and respected as such.

Colored stones in a Legacy Ankh represent how much time has passed since the wearer’s Rites of Transformation.  Red is for a year and a day, Purple for Five Years and a day and Black for 13+ years.